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Viennese Waltz
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The Viennese Waltz is the oldest and most romantic of the ballroom dances. The music of Johann Strauss is broadcast to over 70 countries during the New Year's Day concert of the Vienna Philharmonic. 
The city of Vienna holds over 500 balls a year which traditionally take place during the 'carnival' season. Locals and visitors alike dress up in their most beautiful gowns and tuxedoes to gather at the imperial palace in Vienna where they enjoy performances, meet friends, and dance into the early morning hours.
Imagine this ensemble providing the light classical music of high European culture at your special event.

Viennese Waltz Ensemble

  • Specialty in Viennese Waltz Music
  • Perfect for Upbeat yet Elegant Receptions
  • Classical Dance Music

Pricing *

Service Price
90 Minutes 600
2 Hours 700
3 Hours 900

* Pricing is for events within a 40 mile radius of Colorado Springs. Additional fees may apply.

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Last modified: 04/25/13